Larry's Cable Railing Deck DIY

Meet Larry, our vibrant 77-year-old customer who embarked on a goal to transform his waterfront deck. In search of the perfect solution, he scrolled through various options and eventually settled on steel cable railing for its unobtrusive charm.

During his search, Larry discovered E-Rigging’s HAAS cable rail systems. Our seamless ordering process and extensive video library of resources made HAAS Revo an irresistible choice for Larry.

"I chose HAAS Revo from E-Rigging because it appeared to be the most straightforward, simplest offering and it was affordable. The quality is everything that I expected," he shared.

Larry's determination and DIY spirit led him to install over 500 feet of steel cable railing, weaving it around his deck, walkway, and stairways by himself.

"I completed the project from scratch, with no help," Larry proudly exclaimed. "So yes, barring serious limitations, anyone can do what I did.”

We take immense pride in helping Larry bring to life an outdoor space that complements his picturesque waterfront view. It's always heartening to witness how our customers, like Larry, use HAAS products to express their creativity.

In Larry's own words, "The Revo system is everything it's reputed to be: simple, straightforward, easy, and affordable compared to other systems."  


We're always excited to feature projects from our creative customer base. E-Rigging regularly highlights projects from the inspired minds of our friends and neighbors from everywhere! If you are interested in having your project featured in an upcoming post, please submit your entries here or email your photos and a short write up about you and your project to Your project could be someone’s next inspiration!

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