Jim’s Lakehouse View Opens Up Using Cable Railing

Jim, a satisfied E-Rigging customer, was tired of his obstructed view on his lakefront deck in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. He wanted an open vista of the picturesque lake. So, Jim decided it was time for a change.

After diligent research, Jim discovered the ideal solution to his problem: steel cable railings. No more sanding, no more painting – just an uninterrupted panorama of the lake.

His journey to finding the perfect provider wasn't without its twists and turns, though. Jim received an exorbitant quote from a company that left him stunned, he decided to take matters into his own hands and complete the project himself.

Jim reached out to E-Rigging, where he had the pleasure of speaking with Tyler, our resident cable railing expert. With Tyler's invaluable advice and guidance, Jim procured the precise components and tools he needed for his project, which involved 31 posts and over 1200 feet of cable spread across ten cable runs. E-Rigging's instructional cable railing videos, coupled with Tyler's personalized assistance, empowered Jim to wrap up the project in a matter of days.

Jim proudly shared his satisfaction with E-Rigging's solution, stating, "E-rigging's solution enabled us to hide everything within the posts. Only cable shows." He continued, "Finally, I don't consider myself an overly handy guy and was a bit nervous going into the project. However, with your support, it gave me the confidence to do it, and I could help others do it, as it really is very easy!"

At E-Rigging, we couldn't be more delighted to have assisted Jim and his family in making the most of their outdoor space, creating the potential for countless cherished memories by the lakefront.

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