A Grandfather’s Bridge Story

Meet Jason McNamara, a dedicated family man who thrives on taking up challenges. In a heartwarming tale set on their picturesque Baltimore, Ohio property, Jason's wife issued him a unique challenge: to construct a bridge across the creek for their beloved grandchildren.

Fully aware of the daunting 77-foot span that lay ahead, Jason set out to find the necessary components. It was during this search that he became aware of our selection at E-Rigging.com. There, he procured a selection of essential items, including cables, wire rope clips, and turnbuckles.

Reflecting on his choice, Jason enthusiastically shared, "I used E-Rigging because they had exactly everything I needed. Same-day shipping and then receiving products within 3-4 days was awesome. E-Rigging made the job a lot easier by having absolutely everything I needed."
Over the course of three months filled with unwavering determination, Jason successfully brought his vision to life. Not only did he conquer the challenge his wife had presented, but he also crafted a breathtaking bridge that stands as a testament to his dedication and craftsmanship. This heartwarming story underscores Jason's unyielding commitment to his family and his willingness to tackle any endeavor with unwavering resolve.
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