Loft Goals in Colorado

When Lili and Brandon A of La Casa Negra tagged us on Instagram showing off their cable railing on their loft/living room, we reached out wanting to know more.

The team at La Casa Negra went for an industrial look in areas of their custom-built house using our HAAS REVO Cable Railing System. “Our home is a brand-new construction in Southern Colorado. We love everything modern and industrial, so we knew we needed cable railing on our loft space upstairs. We found your company by researching online and it was just what we needed.”


Cable railings are ideal for lofts because they give the space an industrial feel and make it easier to move around.


“We designed and made the metal portion ourselves to save on cost and went with the cable to keep it from looking closed off or bulky. All of the upright posts were cut to length and the holes and machining were done in a CNC mill to speed up the process. . . All of the angle and top rails were cut to length, and everything was welded with a help of a friend.”


The cabling was by far the easiest portion of this project 😃 and the cabling was easily cut without fraying. Not to mention it is very smooth so for interior we give that a 5 star 👍.”

The finished loft space looks absolutely beautiful, and the view out of the windows overlooking the San Juan Mountains is breathtaking. We can imagine Lili and Brandon enjoying many hours up there taking in the vistas surrounding them.

“We would recommend this product to anyone looking to make their project look more modern and upscale, plus the cable assembly was one of the easiest projects we've had so far throughout this whole process of building a house from the ground up.”

Please join us in congratulating Lili and Brandon on their finished loft, and continue to follow their journey on Instagram at

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