Transforming Home Spaces With Creative Lighting

When our customer, Chris, told us he was making a light fixture using our rigging components, we were more than a little curious.

Keep reading to find out what products he used and a little explanation on how he accomplished such a unique feature in his home!

Project Complete
Chris, had a nice piece of rustic wood that he wanted to use to create a hanging light fixture. He had the idea. He just needed the products to help make his vision become reality.

The Products Chris Used:

Quantity: 4
Quantity: 4
Quantity: 4

The Install:

Here's how he did it:
First, he recessed receiver studs into the piece of wood.
Next, he fastened wooden slats to the ceiling using swageless lag studs.
Swageless Lag Stud
He then fixed cable into swageless studs and attached them to the swageless lag studs in the ceiling.
Finally, he attached the other end of the swageless stud to the receiver studs recessed into the wood.
Swageless Lag Stud to Stud
Here is the completed project.
Project Complete
What a great looking light fixture and conversation piece. It was an honor to help him find the products he needed to finish this project. Thanks for sharing this with us, Chris. Great work!
If you are interested in starting a project like this or any other project with rigging involved, Contact Us, and we can lead you in the right direction to find the products you need to complete your project.
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