Nautical Your Typical Lakefront Deck

Sherry’s new house on McFayden Lake deserved to stand out apart from its neighbors. She wanted to upgrade the “old vertical rails on [her] deck with rope rails to give it that beach look.”


After talking with friends and neighbors, she was put in touch with a remodeler. Sherry’s Google search for “marine rope” put us at E-Rigging right in front of her, and voila! The ideal marine rope was found. roperail_trees_on_deck

Sherry used our Sea-Strand tan 3-Strand polypropylene rope, which is ideal for waterfront use, as it has great abrasion resistance, and is also resistant to rot and most common chemicals. Polypropylene rope also has decent flexing endurance, which, for a deck’s rails, is good to know it’s safe.


Now, Sherry had the right idea to leverage out the work to a professional and go out of town. When she returned from vacation, her deck had been transformed to a beachy spot on her own lakefront land.

We were thrilled to learn of such a creative way to use marine rope, that we had to ask Sherry to tell the story. “Every who sees it says it looks great and makes them feel like they're at the beach, minus the sand! I appreciate E-Rigging's speedy delivery and the price and quality were what I was hoping for! Thank you again for helping me make my project something I can enjoy for years to come!”


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