The Treehouse that Launched Firefly Forts

Michael and Kristin Scaglione always cherished the idea of crafting an exceptional tree fort for their children. Their opportunity finally arrived when the pandemic struck, granting them the gift of time at home. Despite lacking any prior experience in treehouse construction, Michael embarked on a journey that would ultimately transform into a lifelong entrepreneurial pursuit.

In their searches, the Scagliones stumbled upon, where they discovered our rope products perfectly aligning with their vision of an elegant and practical treehouse. The manila 3-strand rope not only bestowed a picturesque, organic aesthetic but also served admirably as a flexible safety barrier.

Equipped with their newfound building expertise and the comprehensive range of home project supplies available at, Michael and Kristin successfully transitioned their dream project into a thriving enterprise, fashioning enchanting treehouses for others to relish. Michael succinctly expressed his satisfaction with our products, stating, "I've experimented with various ropes in the past, and the quality simply doesn't compare!"

For further glimpses of their remarkable work, you can visit their website at or explore their creations on Facebook at Firefly Forts.

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