Viewing Mountains thru Cable Railing

Marcus, likely inspired by the breathtaking natural beauty of the Utah mountains, decided to take his porch aesthetics to the next level

He achieved this by using specific materials and components, such as fifty 3/16" Swage Stud Assembles, fifty 3/16" Standard Swage Stops, and two reels of 3/16" X 500', 1x19, Type 316 Stainless Steel Cable. With these elements, he transformed both his front and back porches into stunning examples of modern cable railing craftsmanship.

This achievement was significant enough to catch our attention. We were so impressed with Marcus's project that it's featured as part of our monthly showcase of projects created by our creative customers. This recognition serves as an invitation for others to share their own projects for possible inclusion in future posts. If you’d like to contribute your own project, please submit your photos and a short write up here!

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