Cable Railing on set of ‘The Mechanic’

E-Rigging was excited to walk in the footsteps of Jason Statham when we were invited to install cable railing on a property featured in the 2011 movie, The Mechanic.

The installation of the Haas Revo cable railing on the set of 2011’s “The Mechanic” spanned from the primary residence to the guest house, encompassing the bridge that connects the two. This expansive property presented us with some unique challenges, which underscored the advantages of the Haas Revo cable system.
As we worked on the staircase, we encountered an unusual situation where a four-by-four and a six-by-six post were positioned closely together, creating a tight workspace. Rather than drilling completely through the post with a through post fitting, we opted for a lag receiver swage stop in the four-by-four post. These swage stops are particularly well-suited for stair runs and locations that are hard to reach.
On the bridge portion of the project, we had two transition posts. Here, we employed the transition post protector whenever the cable needed to enter or exit at an angle. This allowed for a smooth transition of the cable and simplified the tightening process.

Similarly, on the deck of the main house, we faced a corner that was too sharp for a single cable run. Although we initially considered running the cable continuously around the corner, we found it more effective to split it into two separate runs. This decision helped us avoid potential issues in the future.
It can be challenging to remember to include post protectors while in the midst of a cable railing installation. That's why we recommend setting aside the exact number of post protectors you'll need in advance. This ensures you can keep track of them and reduces the likelihood of missing one as you complete your installation.

In the end, the cable railing provided an unobstructed view of the picturesque scenery surrounding the house. We extend our special thanks to Shane and Christy at Selective Designs for giving us the opportunity to document this beautiful home.

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