In Kimberly, British Columbia, our friends Richard and Kathryn Henry were at a crossroads of how to best protect their garden from pesky nearby deer without disturbing the view of the mountains and beautiful fir trees in the distance. They needed a fence idea to supplement their current setup. Their solution was to increase the height of the garden fence sections without impeding the mountain view using the HAAS Revo Cable Railing System.

Cable Rail Back Yard Garden Fence “The Revo system provided a sleek, unobstructed design so that the fir timbers and gardens were the main focus” Richard says. Zooming into the photos, the project looks like an invisible fence above the garden! This innovative and unique garden fence design is not the typical use for the HAAS Revo System, but the ingenuity certainly pays off! The cable fence idea opens up the view of the backyard while still providing the protection desired for their garden.
Cable Rail Back Yard Garden Fence Mountains “Because of the grade of this lot we weren't able to just have a single run of cabling for an entire side. The end stop fittings allowed us to stagger the sections to ensure adequate deer protection and a cohesive look. Knowing that all the fence components are stainless steel also ensures very low-to-no maintenance in the longrun.”

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