Skip Brown and his wife built their dream home 40 years ago in Roanoke, VA. They decided to add a greenhouse to their home, but one cold January day, Skip noticed part of his attached greenhouse roof was drooping. After investigating, Skip found a water leak. He then decided it was time to build something new; little did he know it would be an almost two-year endeavor.

Skip spent the next year redesigning and building a deck to replace his beloved greenhouse. Once the standard pickets cleared inspections, Skip started searching for the best option for cable railing. After two weekends of researching all of the options available, E-Rigging was the clear winner! Skip said, "The videos did it! I studied them dozens of times and then placed the first order. It was shipped so fast I was caught off guard."

Skip took his time to study our "How To Videos." Then, he followed those videos step by step and built a test deck corner to ensure he understood exactly how to install his HAAS Revo Cable Railing System! After nailing down the process and learning the system the last run only took skip a little over an hour to run 79 feet of cable. As a result, Skip and his wife now have a stunning deck! He said, "We love the visibility, and living with the deck literally in the treetops is wonderful."

Skip is 74 years young, and he completed this whole two-year project by himself, except when he was conducting the demolition of his greenhouse, where he had two helpers. Skip recommends E-Rigging to everyone. He also has said, "If I can do this, anyone can!"

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