Chinook Helicopter Moors in Topeka

Combat Air Museum Used E-Rigging Products to Moor a Boeing Chinook Helicopter

This is the Kind of Thing We Brag About at Parties

Note from our customer:

"Thanks to products from E-Rigging and information in your knowledge base, the Combat Air Museum in Topeka, Kansas has safely moored a combat veteran Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter on our parking ramp.

While designing the mooring plan, our structural engineer found some helpful information in E-Rigging's knowledge base. We ordered the necessary wire rope, shackles and other items and E-Rigging promptly shipped them. A local metal company fabricated, painted and donated the brackets attached to the parking ramp. A team of volunteers completed the mooring in less than a day. Thanks to the guidance in the knowledge base, "we saddled no dead horses!"

Boeing CH-47D Chinook 85-24346 flew in Vietnam, Operation DESERT STORM, Iraq and Afghanistan, among many other places, during its 48 years of service. Structural and corrosion issues permanently grounded it in 2015. The Chinook arrived at theCombat Air Museum on September 11, 2019. Museum members and volunteers from the Army Reserve unit that last flew 346 will soon reassemble the Chinook and then the restoration will follow.

I've attached some photos of 346 moored outside our south hangar. The cables at the aft end have a bit of slack in them to permit partial lowering of the cargo ramp.

We enjoyed working with and recommend the company wholeheartedly!"

What You Need for this Setup

Just In Case You Have a Spare Helicopter Lying Around

We realize most of our customers do not have helicopters they need to moor, but we hope applications like this demonstrate the quality of E-Rigging products.

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Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson

Fits right in with E-Rigging’s commitment and support of the “Tip of the Spear” active and retired protectors of our freedom. Congrats to Mike and the entire team at E-Rigging.

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