Adam Haywood from Independent Fire Training, a firefighter-owned and operated training group, submitted photos to the E-Rigging bi-annual photo contest in December. Based in Colorado, IFT focuses on teaching firefighters around the country how to make entry through locked doors, gates, chains, windows, and more. E-Rigging’s products came into great use for their Forcible Entry training! At E-Rigging we are proud to support first responders and value customers like Independent Fire Training as they continue to train fire fighters across the country!

Adam purchased 5/16” quick links from E-Rigging to design a prop to simulate attacking a padlock. The firefighters in this training program learn how to make entry through doors and gates that may be locked with a chain and padlock.

Adam was overall very pleased with his purchasing experience, customer service, and the products themselves. These firefighters were able to use E-Rigging products that were affordable and could stand up to a lot of abuse. The affordable price helped his team train dozens of firefighters.

"IFT believes in the aggressive, hard-charging, critically-thinking firefighter?who puts the public before themselves, and honors their oath of service."

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