Our customer Jim was unhappy with his lakehouse deck in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, so he wanted to try something new. Jim decided to replace all the deck railing spindles obstructing his magnificent views of the lake, and to install something low-maintenance in their place.

After doing some research, Jim found that steel cable was the solution he needed. He’d never have to sand and paint spindles again, and he would have great visibility all around his waterfront property.

He tried a few providers, and even got a bid from a company that turned out to be more than twice as expensive as E-Rigging’s cable rail systems. Jim decided to try to finish the project himself, so he called us and spoke with Tyler, our resident cable railing expert.

With Tyler’s advice and guidance, Jim ordered the right parts and tools for his project, which involved 31 posts and over 1200 feet of cable over 10 cable runs. Our instructional cable rail videos and Tyler’s personalized help enabled Jim to finish his project in a few days.

“E-rigging’s solution enabled us to hide everything within the posts. Only cable shows,” said Jim.

He added, “Finally, I don’t consider myself an overly-handy guy and so was a bit nervous going into the project. However, with your support, it gave me the confidence to do it and I could help others do it, as it really is very easy!”

We couldn’t be happier having helped Jim and his family get the most enjoyment from their outdoor space as possible. Here’s to many happy memories on the lakefront!

E-Rigging proudly features projects from our creative customer base once a month. If you are interested in having your project featured in an upcoming post, contact: diy@e-rigging.com

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