Our customer, Larry, wanted a new look for his waterfront deck. He looked for options, and in the end, he chose steel cable because, in his opinion, “it offers the cleanest, least intrusive appearance.”
While checking out some options, Larry came across our HAAS cable rail systems. With our easy ordering process and library of learning resources, Revo seemed like the perfect choice.

“I chose HAAS Revo from E-Rigging because it appeared to be the most straightforward, simplest offering and it was affordable. The quality is everything that I expected,” he wrote to us.
Even though he is 77 years old, Larry installed over 500 feet of steel cable railing around a deck, along a walkway and up multiple stairways.
“I completed the project from scratch, with no help,” Larry said. “So yes, barring serious limitations, anyone can do what I did.”

We are so proud to have helped Larry create an outdoor space that complements and frames his beautiful waterfront view. We are always happy to see the creative ways that our customers can express themselves with our HAAS products.
As Larry put it, “The Revo system is everything it's reputed to be: simple, straightforward, easy, and affordable compared to other systems.”
E-Rigging proudly features projects from our creative customer base once a month. If you are interested in having your project featured in an upcoming post, contact: diy@e-rigging.com.

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