January POM - 2022
While all of E-Rigging’s cable railing systems are simple enough to install for any DIYer, sometimes people don’t have the time, and that’s why E-Rigging offers a HAAS Pro Installer program. Each contractor in this program goes through a vetting process, including providing proper insurance.

E-Rigging is proud to showcase Rocky Mountain Metalworks as a Pro Installer with this beautiful cable railing project in Great Falls, Montana.

Steve McGregor with Rocky Mountain Metalworks chose E-Rigging for an office cable railing install because of the

"sleek design with minimal visual obstructions"

while still considering the strength and safety of the product.

This project is in the downtown area of Great Falls, which is under renovation by a group of several investors and small businesses. Steve and his crew installed this system in a locally owned environmental engineering office while incorporating their logo into the system.

Steve most appreciated the design of the HAAS Revo Cable Railing System. He said there are no industrial-looking nuts and bolts, and it almost seems like the cable is floating in the metal handrail frame. Rocky Mountain Metalworks prides themselves on taking projects to the next level and adding in custom touches, and E-Rigging was their choice for quality products. They cater to high-end clients who rely on their expertise, but Steve found that the HAAS Cable Railing System is so simple that any DIYer could install it.

If you are looking for a Pro Installer near you, visit our Find the PRO Installer near you page.
HAAS PRO Installer

If would like to become a Pro-Installer and discover the perks of joining this program you can find more information on our HAAS PRO Installer Program Information.
HAAS PRO Installer

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