Project Inspiration from Dusk Till Dawn Landscape Lighting

Transform Your Backyard to a Well-Shaded, Serenely Lit Paradise

DIYers, brace yourselves for this little bit of backyard magic brought to you by Dusk Till Dawn Landscape Lighting (check them out on Facebook). Using some simple rigging supplies and some LED lights, they created a shade structure with lights that… wait for it… dim. Dimming lights? That’s some total next level Sunday barbecuing aesthetic potential right there.

Using F/X Luxor 300w lighting controller with rigging supplies from our store (see a full list of supplies below), you can aspire to heights of a landscaping professional. However, if you want some help, we highly recommend giving Dusk Till Dawn Landscape Lighting a call if your located near Cooper City, Florida!

What You Need for this Setup

Assist Blog Post with Shade Structure Included

Setting up a shade structure is a topic we've covered on a previous blog post, but we weren't crafty enough to add in lighting. Following the images above and get the listed parts to get you started.

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